Do you watch the program “Shark Tank”? If you do, you will know that the show is about wannabe entrepreneurs looking to get their once in a lifetime ideas funded by the investors on the show who happen to be also the judges. If you watch it regular enough, you will no doubt have seen how mean these judges are in putting down the contestants, especially if they think their idea stinks.

But watch this amazing humble christian farmer as he turns the table on the judges instead.

Johnny Georges is, put simply, the man. The humility, perseverance, and genuine care of his presentation and response changes the tide of his ‘Shark Tank’ interview.

At the start, he presents a passion of his: improving the lives of his farmers. The judges are moved, but at the same time, they push back. A couple of their responses (like Kevin O’Leary’s harsh reasoning at 6:10) cut Georges down and highlight his lack of business experience.

Source: imsoblesseddaily

Photo Credit: Youtube