Is this a taunt to all believers around the world to react to ISIS unbeliever acts of savagery? In another video released by the group in the islamic state, besides showing the execution of 3 Syria christians by shooting them in the head, ISIS also call out to ‘ALL Christians worldwide’ no less to submit to islam or else face the same consequences.

I’m not so sure if ISIS looked at the numbers, but by last count, there are more than 2 billion Christians around the world across 200 countries.

You do the math…

A video purportedly released by the Islamic State warns Christians, whom it calls “followers of the cross,” all over the world including the United States—which it calls “the protector of the cross”—will not have peace and instead face shame “in life and in eternity” unless they convert to Islam and follow its customs and beliefs.

The warning was included in a recently released video which shows ISIS militants executing three Assyrians late last month. The video footage also shows members of the jihadist group threatening to kill some 200 other Christians and Catholics in Syria unless a ransom of $50,000 for each of them is paid for their release, according to Christian News.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons