The open-carry gun law that came into effect this year in Texas. What this means is that a person can carry his weapon openly in a holster on their hip, in the full view of everybody, he can do so if he wishes. But he  would need a license to do so, and in Texas, that means more than 820,000 license holder can do so.

But what in the world is this man carrying a gun in a church is anyone’s guess. We pray that he is fine:

Sulphur Springs police say a man accidentally shot himself in the foot Wednesday evening at a church.

Police said at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a shooting at the Davis Street Baptist Church in Sulphur Springs. Officers discovered a person, who was not identified, had accidentally discharged his pistol and shot himself in the foot.

The victim sustained a minor wound, and no one else was hurt.Police said the shooting happened in the church’s family life center.

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