Did you know that being a Christian can earn you a ticket to jail?

Although not uncommon during bible time where most of the apostles and early Christians were thrown into jail. It’s a little bit scary and unsettling to know that people and governments are doing these things to Christians all around the world now.

Case in point: India just got 12 believers arrested.

Twelve people were arrested and jailed, accused of violating a law restricting religious conversions in central Indian Madhya Pradesh state.

They were arrested late Jan. 14 in Dahar village of the state’s Dhar district and sent to jail the next day.

Those imprisoned included a blind man, and a mother with her 3-year-old child. Seven people were released on bail Jan. 17, according to Janu Bai, 35, one of the arrested.

“We did not know why we were arrested and sent to jail,” Bai told ucanews.com after being released from the jail.

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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Source: ucanews.com